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Soda Lime Times February 2016

See how I make these beautiful hearts in detail in the e-magazine SodaLimeTimes

Beads & Beyond December 2015

Cherry Oh Baby

See how I make delicious cherry beads and use them to make charms and a necklace!
Beads & Beyond Aug 2015

Beads & Beyond August 2015

Sail Away With Me

Here I show you how to make 3D beads
Beads & Beyond July 2015

Beads & Beyond July 2015

Have fun creating these twittering bird beads!

@tuffnell_glass_official this heart has #frost and @aegean from CIM

Soda Lime Times June 2015

See how I make these beautiful patchwork hearts in detail in the e-magazine SodaLimeTimes

Beads& BeyondApril

Use up rod ends to make thesefun swirly beads!
Beads & Beyond April 2015
Here I show you how to tame EDP (Evil Dettifying Purple) and use very fine stringers!
See how I make these beads with a special reactive glass in the next issue of Beads & Beyond.... Out on the 15th!  Trudi x  #glitteringprizeglass #tutorial #lampwork

Beads & Beyond January 2015

See how I coax magical colours from reactive glass in this tutorial!

Beads & Beyond December 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman??

Mag picture
Beads & Beyond November 2014

Take a walk into Wonderland with my Mad As A Hatter tutorial.

Beads & Beyond September 2014

Ohh I'm a cover girl ... well the beads are!

Have fun creating my summer Watermelon beads.

Here's I've made them into earrings and a bag charm!

Beads&Beyond July  2014
See my Coming Up Roses Beads Tutorial

Beads & Beyond May 2014

See my Winter Wonderland Wedding Beads!

April 2014

Beads & Beyond April 203

See my Glowing flower beads
March 2014
Beads & Beyond March 2014

Beads & Beyond December 2013

B&B Icicles


Have fun with my tutorial showing you how to make icicles

In the magazine I've made this off mandrel, but you can easily make this on mandrel too!

You can make these in different colours too and turn them into pendants

they're not just for winter!

Green and Purple Twist Iccle (2)

Beads & Beyond September 2013

B&B Sept 2013

Check out my tutorial showing you how to use difficult shaped presses.

For this one I've used a butterfly press and made the beads into sun catchers!

Beads & Beyond August 2013

Seaside Candle

Check out my tutorial showing you how to make a shell bead and then use it to make a seaside themed candle holder

Bead Magazine Issue 47

Bead Magazine Issue 47

An exciting issue for me .... in here I show you how to make these Ruby Red Glamour Rock beads, very eye catching with a touch of sparkle!!

 (These are available to order on the Glamour Rocks and Nuggets page).

I was also interviewed by their Editor Chloe, talking about my journey into lampworking and other things that interest me!

Beads & Beyond June 2013

Dotty Pendant Mag

Dive into the world of fusing .....

 check out the June edition of Beads & Beyond!

It shows you how to make a great dotty pendant, superb for beginners.

and if you don't have a kiln etc .. I  suggest places where you can go to try it out.

Bead Magazine Issue 44

Bead CoverHipster Central for Bead Magazine (1)


See these Hipster beads in Issue 44 of Bead Magazine!

Beads & Beyond February 2013

Beads and Beyond Feb 2013

To see my Love Token tutorial, check out the February edition of Beads & Beyond!

Bead Magazine - Issue 40 July 2012

Bead Magazine Issue 40

Very excited to see my Lava Lamp inspired tutorial featured in this issue!

Beads & Beyond July 2012

Beads and Beyond July 2012

A Bug's Life ... my new tutorial in the July 2012 edition of Beads & Beyond.

This shows you how to make fun cabachons that are great to use for pins, tie pins, cufflinks and earrings!

Beads & Beyond May 2012

Beads and Beyond May 2012

I'm very excited to be in the May 2012 edition of Beads & Beyond!

This edition features cute rose buttons, the tuorial shows you how to make the rose & vine canes as well as the actual button itself!

And it's a double celebration as Lamp Lodge also features in the Personal Space section!!

Beads & Beyond March 2012

Beads and Beyond March 2012

I'm very excited to be in the March 2012 edition of Beads & Beyond!

This features my a glittering tube bead decorated with feather murrini!

Beads & Beyond February 2012


I'm very excited to be in the February 2012 edition of Beads & Beyond!

This features my patchwork heart that's packed with dichroic, goldstone and reflective glass.

This really catches the light with every slight movement.

Beads & Beyond January 2012

Beads & Beyond Jan 2012

I'm very excited to be in the January 2012 edition of Beads & Beyond!

This was a different article for me as I was asked to write tutorials for 8 different beads, and the magazine was printed with a cut out and keep concept!

Bead Issue 35 (Dec 2011) - Glittering Blue Tiger Beads

Bead Magazine Issue 35

Take a look at the new issue of Bead Magazine ... it tells you how to make Glittering Blue Tiger Beads.

Perfect for the coming party season!

There's also a picture of them in amber for a different look!

Posh Tiger Rounds

Maple Syrup - Beads & Beyond Dec 2011

B&B December

The front picture from my tutorial published in Beads & Beyond - December 2011.

I made the bead using Bev's wonderful Ornate Roller - see Pegasus Lampwork Tools

Dotty for Spots - Beads & Beyond October 2011


No Tools Neckalce Kits

See the October issuse of Beads & Beyond to see my new kit!

The tutorial is in two parts, first one shows you how to make the beads, and the second shows you how to make the neckalce up!

I do have some kits for sale, but please email me if you'd like me to make up a kit for you,

you can buy either the full kit or just the beads!


Trudi x

Toadstool Trinket - Beads & Beyond July 2011

Toadstool Trinket

Cute mushrom beads, great for pendants!

Summer Shells - Beads & Beyond June 2011

Beads and Beyond June 2011

Fresh for the summer, this tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful sea shell.

Golden Nuggets Tutorial as featured in Beads & Beyond May 2011

Golden Nuggets beads &  beyond tutorial


Perfect for the summer, these are made with gold leaf and a colourful frit!


Spring Romance as featured in Beads & Beyond April 2011

Spring Romance April 2011

April's issue shows you step by step how I make my swirling heart bead!

Sparkling Ice Cube Beads as featured in Beads & Beyond Jan 2011

beads & Beyond,ice cube blue beads

To learn how to make these cool beads, check out this issue of Beads & Beyond!

Robin Beads as featured in Beads & Beyond December 2010

Christmas Robins

With a real festive feel, these Robins were featured in the December issue of Beads & Beyond. The one on the right is lentil shaped, while the one on the left is round!


Autumn Tumble as featured in Beads & Beyond Oct 2010

Autumn Tumble Small


6th September 2010

I'm very excited, I've just featured in the October edition of Beads & Beyond with this Autumn Tumble bead!

I wasn't expecting the magazine out this week so I'm a little un-prepred - I'm planning on a prizedraw to celebrate, so watch this space!

Trudi x

Big Hole Bead with Silver Core  - Beads & Beyond Aug 2010

 B&B Golden Reflections Silver Core Bead

Here is my first published lampwork tutorial showing you how to add hot glass direcly onto a fine silver core!

Star Beads on Bavarian!

seeing stars


I made my star beads using the super Bavarian press - and Manu has kindly shown them on her website

Beading Design   - By Kim Gover



What seems like a long time ago now, a friend of mine, Kim Gover was putting together a book about jewellery design with semi-precious stones. We belong to the same beading group – The End Of The Rainbow, and she invited all the members to submit pieces of jewellery to be included. A year down the line and I finally have a copy of it – and wow, I’m impressed (and not just because 3 of my designs are featured!). Kim has really written a book with a designer in mind.


It opens telling you about each section of the book, then flows into materials and tools – a really useful buying guide – information on the stones, laid out in a superb colour flow – then onto the designs  - and if that wasn’t enough, there is also a section on techniques!


But don’t just take my word for it – see the reviews on Amazon UK (2listings!) and Amazon USA! So if you’re looking for a book using semi-precious stones, then look no further! (nb the USA cover design is a little different, not sure why!)


And here are my designs: