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Ok, it's fun to share stuff, so I'll kick it off. I f anyone has anything to add, let me know and I'll post it up - crediting the author!

Fusing Schedule for pendant

Dotty Pendant Mag

I fuse in an SC2 kiln and the schedule I used for this is


Ramp  - speed - Hold time

222         677        32

333         816       12

900         516        31

83            371         0

900          80           0




Using Crimps with Silks and Ribbons

** if you need to see this enlarged - on your browser go to  the top too lbar select vire, then zoom and choose a setting (this works on IE, not sure about other browsers!)

For the ribbons go to Sowzere

Ribbon Crimp Tutorial

Using Cones with Silks & Ribbons

Cone End Tutorial  

Lampwork - making a Filigrano Stringer

ribbon tutorial

Lampwork - Making a Dichroic Stringer

Dichro – (Fused/fire polished  with rounded edges is best)
Old mandrels (or you can use glass rods – but I like mandrels as they can take more heat – I use some old 2.4mm ones)
Tweezers (self locking are good, but not essential) If you have self locking tweezers – put your dichroic in ready

make a clear barrel on an old mandrel

marver smooth

with the coated surface facing the flame – heat the dicro in the higher /cooler part of the flame. You just need to warm the end so that is starts to soften and you can join to the base barrel.

Turn the dicro round and with the dicro side on the bead, gently hold just under the flame and gently melt round the barrel. – don’t go too fast, but try to keep it warm. If it does cool and crack no worries you will be melting it in later.

When it’s attached give it some gentle heat just so you can marver the ends down – make it easier to encase without great air gaps.

Cover in clear  - marver

Attach the other mandrel (or make a punty if you prefer)

Heat thoroughly and slowly

Take out of heat – give it a moment (depending on how thick/thin you want it). And pull.

If you do use old mandrels – either keep them for this type of job. If you want to re-use them for making beads, please sand them down or you might find bits of glass exploding off them – and you don’t want that now!